Wholesale Lenders

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Wholesale Lender evaluations – We will discuss with you your current mortgage activities to determine if you qualify as a wholesale lender and tailor a licensing plan that fits your business model and time-table. 

“Foot Print” Program – Our unique program will assist you in licensing all of your approved mortgage brokers in states that you are currently licensed in or exempt from. By enabling your partnered mortgage brokers to follow your licensing “foot print”, you can quickly and legally expand your lending territory.


Identify Quick entry points into new states

1) Exemptions from Licensure –

            A. Wholesale Lender License Exemptions in 9 states

B. HUD/Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Exemptions in 12 states

2) Take advantage of our automated online licensing system (mLicense 2.0)

which is created to produce, track and organize large numbers of mortgage applications within seconds.


Access to Our Years of Mortgage License Research and Experience

1) Become eligible to reduce or eliminate certain large surety bonds

2) Avoid physical office requirements

3) Use a wholesale mortgage lender license in the retail lender market.