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Effective October 1, 1999, Florida no longer has a requirement that a mortgage lender or mortagge broker must have a physical office in the state of Florida. This is very good news for Internet mortgage brokers and lenders who wish to expand their brokerage and lending territory at an affordable cost. TEXT OF ACT
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Effective 9/1/99, the Texas legislature has passed the Texas Mortgage Broker License Act that requires mortgage brokers and mortgagelenders that are not FHA approved to be licensed by 1/1/2000 through the Texas Finance Commissioner and maintain a Texas physical office. TEXT OF ACT The TX Savings and Loan Commissioner will be handling the License approval process. Application Forms will not be available until the last week of August, 1999.

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FL Senate Bill 1326er

494.0067 Requirements of licensees under ss. 30 494.006-494.0077.- mortgage lender, correspondent mortgage lender
CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions. ENROLLED 1999 Legislature CS for SB 1326, 1st Engrossed

(1) Each license of a mortgage lender, correspondent mortgage lender, or branch office shall be prominently displayed in the office for which it is issued. (2) Each licensee under ss. 494.006-494.0077 which makes mortgage loans on real estate in this state shall transact business from a principal place of business STRIKEN [in the state]. Each principal place of business and each branch office shall be operated under the full charge, control, and supervision of the licensee under ss. 494.006-494.0077. Except as otherwise provided in this act, this act shall take effect October 1, 1999.


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